Learn how to write a story your audience will appreciate – without sacrificing the fun, play, and joy of writing

Critique, beta reading, writers’ workshop

If you’ve finished a draft and are struggling with the revision process, you may benefit from a critique, a beta read, or participation in an actual writers’ workshop, which combines teaching with writing practice and feedback.

Advice and accountability

The Club Ed for Writers blog includes plenty of advice on common writing problems, whether craft-related (how to improve character development), technical (how to format a query letter), or personal (how to find the time to write).

Classes and coaching

Need to solve a plot problem? Conflicted about conflict? Not sure why your characters won’t cooperate? Self-paced classes from Club Ed for Writers can help you solve your manuscript issues.

I’m a writing coach. I deal only with imaginary problems.
Jennifer Lawler

writer and story editor