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  • Protecting yourself emotionally when querying

    The querying process can be very hard mentally and emotionally. If you want to be traditionally published, though, it is one of the ways you’re most likely to land an agent. You can participate in Twitter pitch wars, attend a conference with pitch sessions, and so on but you don’t need yo wait for a […]

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  • Choosing an agent

    From a writer: “I have an agent who is new interested in my manuscript. Based on her existing clientele, I feel I have a good chance of sparking this woman’s attention. I also have a well-known agent sitting on a full of one and a partial of a second. In the event that either one of them should […]

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  • Connections always beat pitches

    “Tell me about this idea,” the woman at the next table says. She’s talking to a young man, mid to late twenties, and he responds with a description of some things that interest young men, hot women and sexy cars or vice versa, and the woman says, “But what’s the story?” and he pushes harder […]

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  • Memoir Platform and Query Letters

    From a writer: “I’m sending queries to agents regarding my memoir. I’ve noticed a lot of writers talking about the importance of platform, basically saying you can’t get a book deal without one. I don’t have a huge platform, but should I mention what I do have in my query?” Platform – having a built-in […]

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  • Getting an agent after poor sales

    Recently a writer wrote to me asking for help. He’d sold several novels to a small press, and despite winning a number of awards, the books did not sell well. He wanted to know what that meant for his career. Would he be able to get an agent and sell to bigger publishers? Should he […]

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