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  • Respecting the process

    The creative process is not timely and linear, which is why as an editor I don’t book edits before an author’s manuscript is finished, though I will book coaching when an author is stalled and needs to do some brainstorming and problem-solving. I implemented this policy after the tenth or twelfth writer who had booked […]

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  • When shortcuts are short circuits

    In my many years as a book author, agent, and editor, I’ve met thousands of writers, professional and aspiring, and it has struck me that we tend to do one of these two things, neither of which is in our best interest: We don’t put our work out into the world. We’re waiting for some […]

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  • Everything is material

    When you’re a writer, everything is material. This makes you sort of strange and awful, if we’re being honest. I remember one of the first things I thought after my daughter was diagnosed with horrific, debilitating disease was, Well, this is going to make a quite a story someday. I flinch whenever I think about […]

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